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July 11, 2024

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Gold WhatsApp is the Modified version of WhatsApp with extended features and security, and Arab developer Abu Arab developed it. Download Gold WhatsApp APK from the most trusted source of Gold WhatsApp, like APKGOLDWHATS.APP. Developers of Gold WhatsApp are adding new features and giving updates.

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More than 2.7 billion people on planet Earth regularly use WhatsApp for sending voice notes, text, and video messages. But sending messages to multiple people, using multiple accounts, setting time for delayed message sending, and many more features aren’t available in the official WhatsApp Application. Is there any version of WhatsApp available that solves our above issues and provides additional safety?

It will provide you with the necessary features that aren’t available in the original WhatsApp application, free of cost. GB WhatsApp Gold is easy to install and use on any Android SmartPhone. You don’t need to worry about any kind of safety and privacy issues as WhatsApp Gold Plus is as secure as the official version of the Gold WhatsApp. I will comprehensively cover all the features of Gold WA App.

What is WhatsApp Gold apk?

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Gold Whatsapp apk is the latest or modified version of Whatsapp. It is more of a special edition of WhatsApp,  which 10+ million have downloaded around the world. People call this version special because Gold WhatsApp provides extra features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. Gold WhatsApp allows you to customize its use interface and you will get enhanced Privacy. Gold WhatsApp APK provides advanced features such as Special Privacy settings, the use of multiple accounts, mass message sending, Customization options, Scheduling a message, Setting up auto-reply, and many more. It is the ultimate version of WhatsApp. It helps you to enhance and enrich the experience of the ordinary Whatsapp to make it extraordinary. 

Some people took Golden WhatsApp as a copy version of WhatsApp. But the reality is different. Gold WhatsApp APK allows users to send multiple images, and texts at once, and schedule timings to dispatch messages freely. WhatsApp Gold provides enhanced features to provide you with security and a unique app look. It is also known as Gold WhatsApp Mod. Download Gold WhatsApp and enjoy all the features. You can get Gold WhatsApp Download Link on top of the site.

What is WhatsApp Dahabi?

Whatsapp Dahabi is the modified version of WhatsApp specially developed for Arabic-speaking countries and Abu Arab develops it. It is also known as Arabic Gold WhatsApp or Abo Arab Golden WhatsApp. You can download the WA Gold apk from the download link given on our website. Bookmark this website for future updates. Gold WhatsApp is the special WhatsApp Mod and it is among the top of the WhatsApp Mod.

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People, who own a SmartPhone and have access to the internet via Wi-fi or mobile data, know the importance of WhatsApp. The app provides basic functions to perform small tasks in our daily routine. WhatsApp Gold has more than a dozen new features. We will discuss some prominent features of the app:

Multiple Accounts

You can configure and connect a single account on a normal WhatsApp application. If you want to use another account, then you will need to uninstall the previous one and add a new one. It makes the situation adverse. But with WA Gold APK, you can switch between multiple accounts by clicking a Yes button on the app.

Auto Reply

Everyone is busy in their routine matters and doesn’t have enough time to respond to all messages. Why not send an automatic reply to messages received with some patterns or normal queries? Gold WA APK provides the feature of sending auto-reply which helps you in saving your precious time and spending it on some other useful activity.

Message Scheduler

A common issue that occurs to most people is waiting for hours to send a short message to someone. Golden WhatsApp APK will allow you to set a schedule, date, and time, for sending any kind of message. The message will be automatically sent at that specific time, whether it is in the mid-day or mid-night; don’t worry!

Mass Message Sending

On special occasions, like birthdays and festivals, we need to send the same message to multiple contacts but we can’t send enough messages together by using WhatsApp. Gold WhatsApp APK has catered to the issue and allows its users to send as many messages as possible with a single click by using the mass message-sending feature of the app.

Privacy Options

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for most people in the age of information technology and artificial intelligence where companies can manipulate your data. By using WA Gold APK, you can make a list of contacts who can make a call to you, others won’t be able to call you. The feature is just awesome. You can also hide your last seen activity.

Customize Color

Choosing your color combination for text, background, and themes costs a good token of money for other apps. But WhatsApp GB Gold APK would provide you with maximum customization features without charging a single penny. So, go to customization settings choose your desired font color, size, and display settings, and see effects immediately.

Custom themes

Gold WA APK provides a lot of beautiful, eye-catching, and innovative themes, free of cost. You can choose your desired theme from the list and apply it to the app. Changes, background, sidebars, and options, will be reflected immediately after applying a theme. This is the most useful feature and is not available on official Whatsapp.

Airplane Mode

Most of the people can’t remain online for the whole day and night. However, the original app doesn’t provide any facility to let us go offline. We need to disconnect ourselves from the internet by turning off Wi-fi or mobile data from our Phones. Wait! WA Gold will provide you with an option to go offline with one click in airplane mode.

Anti Revoke

The app provides you with a feature in which a message can be sent once, the recipient will read the message and as soon as he reads the message, it will be deleted permanently. The anti-view feature makes the situation more interesting as you can see the message as many times as possible. You can also see deleted messages. 

App Lock

Security applied on the SmartPhone isn’t enough in the age of technology. You need to apply a sophisticated password or lock on apps like WhatsApp. Gold App provides an extra layer of security by setting a dedicated lock pattern for the app. You don’t need any third-party solution to protect your important personal data.

Disable Calls

Data safety is usually the top priority for any individual in every walk of life. Spammers and intruders know that people use WhatsApp in their routine and may call you to tease you or find some important information. You can make a list of people who can call you and who can’t. Blocking unknown numbers on WhatsApp has become easy.

Disable Forwarded Tag

If a message is sent a certain number of times in the original tab, then people see a forward message tag which looks like a spam or copied message. You can disable that option by applying the “Disable Forward tag” from the settings of WhatsApp Gold easily. The feature is quite effective for people who want to share entertaining and comedy scenes.

More Features

Direct Message: WhatsApp users face the issue of being unable to send a message directly to anyone without saving it. Sometimes, we don’t want to save the number in our contact list due to irrelevancy or less time and ultimately don’t send. Gold WhatsApp APK has fixed the issue and you can the message directly to anyone without saving it.

Calls Disable: Data safety is usually the top priority for any individual in every walk of life. Spammers and intruders know that people use WhatsApp in their routine and may call you to tease you or find some important information. You can make a list of people who can call you and who can’t. Blocking unknown numbers on WhatsApp has become easy now by using said app.

Catchy Stickers: WA Gold APK has included a bunch of new stickers that express your emotions in a better form. Stickers contain happy, sad, and other feelings.

Backup and Restore: Don’t worry about losing some important information about your business fellows or loved ones. Just take a backup at any time. It won’t take up enough space. If you lost the data, then simply click on the restore option and your data will become available immediately.

Sending Large Files: Time has passed when you used to make different parts of the video and audio as the app didn’t allow you to send large files. By using WhatsApp Golden APK you can send a large number of video and audio files without any worry.

Freeze Last Seen: The app allows you to freeze your last seen activity without applying hide settings.

Anti-Delete Status: You can see the status that was deleted by someone within 24 hours.

Language Support: The app has allowed support of different languages for your understanding of content easily.

Additional Features

WhatsApp Gold Plus provides some features that you can explore yourself from the settings tab. I have prepared a list of some interesting features for you:

  • The icon of the app can be changed if you don’t like the default icon.
  • Wallpapers can be selected which suits and looks good.
  • Images, having high resolution, can be sent without any effect on the image quality.
  • The app provides you a download whenever you watch anybody’s status and you can save it. No need to use any third-party app.
  • DND mode disconnects your WhatsApp from the internet and you won’t receive any data from WhatsApp.
  • The app uses advanced data encryption algorithms to make data more secure.
  • A status of approximately 130 characters can be sent using the WhatsApp Gold Plus.

Pros and Cons


  • Custom themes gallery to make an elegant look.
  • New features in the app are added regularly.
  • Premium effects and custom fonts.
  • Enhanced Security features including an app lock, hiding blue ticks and last seen status, etc.


  • It is not available on the Play Store.
  • May experience slow processes on low-end devices.
  • Your number may be temporarily banned.
  • Lack of some features. Users reported that this app needs to have more features.


WA Gold APK works very well on all types of mobile devices containing the following specs:

📱 OS CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
🚀 ProcessorQuad-core processors
💾 RAMMinimum 2GB
📂 Storage 100MB+ free space
🌐 Internet ConnectionStable connection
🔒 PermissionsStorage Access

How to Download the Latest Version of Gold WhatsApp APK?

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Some users do find difficulty in finding the official Gold WhatsApp download link. So, here we provide a download link for Whatsapp Gold:

📱 App NameGold WhatsApp APK
🎮 GenreCommunication
🛠️ DeveloperAbu Arab
🖥️ PlatformAndroid
📅 UpdatedJuly 11, 2024
🔄 Latest Versionv37
💾 Size79.1 MB
⬇️ Downloads10M+
💲 PriceFree

WhatsApp Gold APK is also called Yellow WhatsApp or Taj WhatsApp due to the Golden WhatsApp color and logo of the WA Gold APK. If you want to Download WhatsApp Gold on other platforms then check out WhatsApp Gold For PC, WhatsApp Gold for IOS, and WhatsApp Gold for MAC.

Download All Version of Gold WhatsApp

Gold WhatsApp is also called Golden WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Gold, and Yellow WhatsApp. In the market, there are different versions of WA Gold are available. We Will Provide Download links of all versions. The following Popular versions of the Golden WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Gold v37

This is the latest version of Gold WhatsApp. You can download WhatsApp Gold v37 from the download link given below:

WhatsApp Golden v11.41

Golden Whatsapp is the widely used WhatsApp Mod and Abo Arab made different version of this mod. This the Latest version of Golden WhatsApp or WhatsApp Dahabi. Old Version of Gold WhatsApp is 10 which is the most popular. You can download WhatsApp Dahabi from following Download link of WhatsApp Dahabi APK:

WhatsApp Gold v31

This is the Latest version from the 3rd series of WhatsApp Golden APK. After the popularity of the WhatsApp Gold v30, now WA Gold Apk 31 is available. Download link for WhatsApp Plus Gold v31 is given below:

How to Install Gold WhatsApp APK?

Some users do find difficulty in the installation of Gold WhatsApp and here we make quite an easy steps for you to follow:

  • Download the Gold WhatsApp APK from our website. The download link for Gold WhatsApp is given at the top of the site.
  • Click on the Download button and the downloading will begin.
  • Now open the default download manager on your mobile, there you will see the recently downloaded WhatsApp Gold apk.
  • Click on the icon and the installation will begin.
  • This may ask you for some permissions for ‘Unkown Sources”, so permit them to enjoy its features fully.
  • The installation process will take less than 30 seconds.
  • After the Gold WhatsApp APK is installed completely, click on it and start enjoying advanced features.
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How to Backup and Restore Chats in WhatsApp Gold APK?

What happens if you have erroneously deleted some chat that contained important data? Well! You are safe if you have taken a backup of your chat regularly in Gold WhatsApp APK. Here is a step-by-step process to take backup restore chat from the backup:

  • Go to Golden WhatsApp settings, make sure you have set the backup path of your Google Drive, a shared place that you can access via your Email account, and continue taking backups.
  • Download the WhatsApp Gold APK from our home page by clicking the download button and following the installation process.
  • Start the installation process and wait for the option when you see a message of linking restore point.
  • Make sure you link the exact Google Drive path where you placed your WhatsApp backup and continue the process.
  • Amazing! You have restored all your previous chats with the help of Gold WhatsApp.

What’s New

Update: Gold WhatsApp APK

  • More Anti-ban Protection
  • Other Fixes and Improvements

You can Update Gold WhatsApp to the Latest version of Gold WhatsApp to get more anti-ban protection. If you want to update Gold WhatsApp then download Gold Whatsapp APK from the top of the site.


Why is WhatsApp Gold the best Whatsapp Mod?

A Whatsapp mod is said to be an alternative to the original Whatsapp. People use these types to get several new advanced features as well as experience exclusivity. Now, the question arises of why you should go with this Whatsapp Gold apk as a Whatsapp Mod.

Firstly, Gold WhatsApp APK has endless customization options in this application you can schedule a message, go offline with one click, Customise themes through a special WA store, manage your group and community tabs, send messages in bulk, choose who can call you, and much more. Also, its special privacy settings make your account more secure and safe. it increases your privacy by letting you hide your last activity settings, last seen, chat lock app locks, etc.  That’s why Gold WhatsApp Mod is the best among all mods.

Lastly, in Golden WhatsApp APK, you can avail of all these unique and powerful features for free and enrich your experience.

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How to Update WhatsApp Gold without losing data?

Similar to the official Whatsapp application, you can update the Gold Whatsapp APK without losing data through these methods: 

By backing up your data: You can go to the settings, click on chat then chat backup, and then click on the ‘Backup” option to create a backup of your account before updating the application. in this regard, you are required to connect your WhatsApp to your Google or Apple account.

After updating your data, open your Whatsapp Gold application. agree with terms and conditions then verify your phone number. The application will automatically ask you to ‘Restore Data’ that you have previously backed up in your account. Follow the required steps and get it done quickly. Do check your contacts and all the restored data after updating to look for any issues and if is it working as per expectations.

What is the difference between Golden Whatsapp and Whatsapp?

Golden Whatsapp apk and Whatsapp are quite similar applications as Whatsapp Gold is a mod of Whatsapp. But what makes Whatsapp Gold apk more popular is because of its advanced features. Here are the differences between these two applications:

FeaturesGolden WhatsApp APKWhatsApp
🙈 Hide Status Seen
⬇️ Download Status
🚫 Hide Typing Stats
🙅‍♂️ Hide Blue Ticks
✉️ Auto Reply
📵 DND Mode
✏️ Custom Fonts
🎨 Custom Themes
📤 Bulk Sender
🛡️ Anti-Delete
📵 Disable Calls
📁 Media Sending Limit1GB100MB
🔒 App Lock
🔒 Chat Lock

How to Download Gold WhatsApp on PC?

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The process downloading Gold WhatsApp APK on PC is quite similar to the original WhatsApp. First, you have to download Gold WhatsApp on your PC. You do not need to worry about how to download this application on your PC because we have written below all the easy-to-follow steps.

Here are the easy steps to follow to download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold:

  • Firstly, you need to have an Android emulator on your PC to download this application.
  • Download any best emulator you like for your PC. Bluestack is one of the best Android emulators around the world, so you easily download this through the browser.
  • After downloading an emulator, visit our website and type ‘Whatsapp Gold apk” to start the installation process and enjoy the exciting features of this application.

Golden WhatsApp Alternatives

Golden WhatsApp alternatives are given below:

Some people also name Gold WhatsApp as GB WhatsApp Gold and Gold WhatsApp Plus. These are not the alternatives of the official WhatsApp Golden APK. WhatsApp Gold Plus and GB WhatsApp Gold are other names of WhatsApp Gold.


There may be several issues with downloading and installing WhatsApp Gold apk but let’s discuss the most common one with its solution.  One of the most common issues that users can get into when downloading WhatsApp Gold on their phone or PC is that you may see a message saying that the application cannot be installed because its source is unknown. This issue can be fixed by going into the phone’s or PC’s settings, selecting Protection, and then allowing the installation of applications from unknown sources. You just have to grant those permissions to give access to the application.

If you are still not getting the point, you can look up the heading “How to download and install Whatsapp Gold” in this article.

How to Create an Account on Gold WhatsApp 100% Working?

Sometimes you are unable to create an account on WhatsApp Gold and get stuck on the signup page. If you want to create an account on Gold WhatsApp without any problem then follow the complete step-by-step guide given below.

  • Open WA Gold APK and skip the step of account creation with your number.
  • Then tap on three dots in the top corner of the Gold WA.
  • Find an option “Link as companion device“ and click on it.
  • Open your 2nd mobile and create an account on official WhatsApp with your desired number.
  • After creating an account click on the three dots Menu then click on Linked Devices.
  • Click on Link a Device.
  • Scan the QR code given on the Arab WhatsApp Gold.
  • Wait for the signing-in process.
  • After the successful sign-in, your WA Gold WhatsApp is ready to use.
  • Start chatting and enjoy.

After completing above mentioned steps you will be able to use GB Gold WhatsApp without an account ban. This is the new method to use Abo Arab Gold WA without ban issue.

How to fix the Automatic Logout Problem in WhatsApp Gold APK?

If your Golden WhatsApp is automatically logged out and you are unable to use your account then simply open your official WhatsApp and create an account on it. It must be your secondary mobile after creating an account on WhatsApp. Download Abo Arab Gold WhatsApp from our website and open it on your desired mobile.

In this method, you will use the WhatsApp Gold Web version. Now open your WhatsApp and go to linked devices. Click on the “Link a device” option. Open GB WhatsApp Gold and go to the option “Link as companion device”. Scan the QR code with official WhatsApp and your Gold WhatsApp is available for use after scanning. You can use all the features of the app without a banning issue. If you installed Arabic Gold WhatsApp version then process is same in Arabic version.

How can I fix a temporarily banned problem in Gold WhatsApp?

Users may have the risk of getting temporarily banned for using WhatsApp Gold apk because of the terms and services of official Whatsapp. You do not need to worry about this because we have a solution. The user will receive a popping “temporarily banned” message this will ensure that the user is currently using the unsupported version of WhatsApp. Now follow the following easy steps to fix this banning issue:

  • First, you will be given the time that shows the length of the ban, now wait for it to end.
  • Open “Chat backup” from the settings option to update and restore data. You can also see the update and restore process in the article above.
  • Now go to the settings of Phone, tap on storage then files.
  • Search for the Whatsapp Gold folder and tap on it.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, rename the folder to ‘Whatsapp’.
  • Now download the official application of WhatsApp through the Play Store, after downloading it click on the icon, agree with the terms and conditions then verify the number.
  • You will be given the restore data options, if you have backed up the data in Whatsapp Gold then no worries it will be automatically transferred or restored to the official Whatsapp account safely.
  • Do check after the updating and restoring process for any issues in your contacts, groups, or communities just for the safe side.

How can I use Golden WhatsApp without getting banned?

To avoid getting banned by using Whatsapp Gold, you can follow these steps:

  • Long-term status updates are not encouraged. 
  • It is not appropriate to share unwanted messages, images, or videos on the app in order to maintain a positive environment.
  • You should turn off automatic responses. 
  • If you send abusive messages, people could report your phone number.
  • Avoid forwarding messages more than one at a time.
  • Removing a large number of persons from a group on a regular basis should be avoided for the sake of changing the dynamics of the group.
  • You should not frequently remove reinstalling WhatsApp Gold apk. 


The app provides a huge set of customization options from theme to font size. It helps you send messages quickly without compromising the security.

The app is completely safe to download, install, and use without any worry. Make sure to download the app from any trusted site. You can download from our site to regularly scan against viruses and malware. 

No, the WhatsApp Gold is an advanced modified version of the original app. It helps you make your tasks easier and safer. There are no such issues.

Yes, you can install both apps on your SmartPhone.

If you use WhatsApp Gold and perform legitimate activities, then your account will not be suspended. 


More than 10 Million people use Gold WhatsApp multiple times a day to send and receive all types of media on their SmartPhones. Sending multiple messages in the form of videos and messages, hiding your last seen activity, and blocking unknown numbers can be done by using the WhatsApp Gold APK. The app provides customization features that you will love to use and above all ensures the safety and security of your data. Don’t worry about little issues with WhatsApp and use the said app to make your conversations more interesting.