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June 3, 2024

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Do you want to experience a messenger application full of features and easy to handle? If yes, we will introduce you to an application that can enhance your chatting experience with a lot of YoWhatsApp features. It is the most popular WhatsApp Mod due to its unique features that you will not see in normal WhatsApp and it is also known as YoWhatsApp GB. YoWhatsApp APK was developed by Fouad, adding more effective features to give you a better calling & chatting experience. Download YoWhatsApp APK now to enjoy all these features. The download link of the YoWhatsApp APK is given on this site.

First of all, YoWhatsApp was developed by Yousef Al-Basha, but they stopped updating YoWhatsApp. Then, a new developer is responsible for updating the YoWhatsApp APK as needed, and they are Fouad Mokdad. They also handle many chatting applications like FM & GB WH for a users’ better chatting and calling experience. The downloads of YoWhatsApp are increasing daily, and people are also searching about its latest launched features for the method to use it. 

Nowadays, people mostly like to use the WhatsApp application or the alternative versions for a better and simpler chatting experience; it is also easy for users who need to learn about even the basics of an application. In this Application, you can create your known chatting world with wonderful features that make it more catchy for the users. Due to its more features than a simple chatting application, people have about 27,100,000+ downloads and 4+ ratings of YoWhatsApp. 

Suppose you want to download this unique chatting application to use its attractive features. In that case, you can download it through the official website of the Application because YoWhatsApp is a third-party, and it is not available on the Google Play Store, other app stores or Apple Store. But the downloading method of this Application is very easy; you can check it below this article with details. Moreover, in this Application, you can see those messages deleted by friends mistakenly, and if you want to see those messages; in this Application, you can easily see deleted messages. 

What is YoWhatsApp?

Nowadays, everyone wants to use chatting and calling applications, which are full of features and easy to handle. WhatsApp is an application that can fulfill all your needs in one place. In YoWhatsApp Application, you can set features as you want in your Application. Fouad Mokdad developed YoWhatsApp Application; these features you can not see in the simple WA make your life easier. easier than applications, you can chat or call your friends and families without any privacy issues because such applications harm users. Love these features? so download YoWhatsApp APK and enjoy best WhatsApp Mod. You can find download Link of YoWhatsApp on the top of the this page. Click on the Download button to initiate YoWhatsApp Downloading.

YoWhatsApp APK provides you with various offers through which you can chat with your loved ones; it includes chat mode and calling mode; this calling mode has two options first one is a voice call, and the second one is a video call; all these chats are safe from one to one so you can enjoy your chat without any hesitation. The Application has a lot more features that are added to the Application after every update; the users can enter their name into their profile, and they can express their feelings through the section known as About; you can enter any sentence or poetry that you like you can enter into your About section.

In this Application, you can send anything to your friends without decreasing its quality; you can send a lot of pictures, documents, and short videos, and you can also send long videos because other chatting applications or original WA cannot send long videos to their contacts. It gives you more space than the other Application, so you can add more contacts and save your long chat due to its huge space. The most beneficial thing about this Application is that it is an anti-ban application, so you can easily purchase it without any cost through the official website because this is a third-party application. 

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How to Create an Account on YoWhatsAPP 100% Working?

If you are unable to make an account on WhatsApp Yo Mod then follow the following guide given below:

  • First of all open Yo WA APK and don’t create an account with your number.
  • Click on the three dots on the top corner of the YoWhatsApp.
  • Click on “Link as companion device“.
  • Then make an account on the official WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the dots Menu then click on Linked Devices.
  • Click on Link a Device.
  • Scan the QR code given on the YoWhatsApp.
  • Wait for the loading screen.
  • Now your account is successfully created on it.
  • Start chatting and enjoy.
Yowhatsapp account creation
YoWhatsapp QR Code
linking yowhatsapp
yowhatsapp account creation method

Additional Information of YoWhatsApp

App NameYoWhatsApp APK
📱 Latest versionV10.9
📦 App size82 MBs
🔒 Root requirementsNon Root
⭐ Rating4+
👨‍💻 DevelopersFouad/Yousef
💵 CostFree
📱 Requires Android5.1 and up
🔄 Last updates31 January 2024
📥 Downloads27,100,000

Features of YoWhatsApp

  • View deleted messages 
  • App locker 
  • Auto Reply 
  • Disable specific calls 
  • Download status 
  • Amazing font 
  • Message history 
  • Anti Ban 
  • Yo Theme
  • Send long videos 
  • Chat lock 
  • Various Emoji 
  • Freeze last seen 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Hide blue tick 
  • Update Status 

View deleted messages 

In YoWhatsApp, you can view deleted messages, as when you chat with your friends, sometimes you can delete a message, or your friend can delete the message. In normal WhatsApp, you can not see the message, but this Application allows you to see the deleted messages in the Anti-deleted mode.    

App locker

The YoWhatsApp APK has a lock mode in which you can lock your Applications, which can be helpful to save your chats and keep your privacy aside. It is beneficial when you lose your mobile phone; no one can access your privacy or contact.  

Auto Reply

This is a helper feature for the users, as you can set these features for some contact, as your friend texts you, then this mode can auto-reply to your friends.

Disable specific calls

This feature is like a rejector for unwanted calls; in this feature, when a call is received from an unknown number then, it will reject that call and you can also select a number through which you do not want to receive the call then it will also reject that call. 

Download status

You can download the status of your contact without knowing them, and this ability is not available for the official WA; the user of the Application downloads another application for the downloading of status, but you do not have to download it.

Amazing font

The YoWhatsApp APK can enable the user to change the font style, which gives you an amazing chatting experience, and this is very simple to change the font by only selecting through the collection of fonts. 

Anti Ban

The Application is anti-ban Ban, so you can easily use it; the Application has many features for a better communication experience, but these mod versions are banned.

Yo Theme

This Application has a collection of themes through which you can select, and all the features have another type of functioning option, making the application attractive.

Send long videos

In WhatsApp, you can send videos of only a few MBs, but this Application has a feature through which you can send long videos to your friends, which will help save you time.

Chat lock

As the app locks in YoWhatsApp, you can also lock a specific chat, enhancing your privacy’s security, which requires finger or pattern unlocking.

Freeze last seen

You can freeze your last seen from the other users, which is not available in the other chatting Application; as you freeze, you can hide the last seen, which does not show anything to other users at your active status.

Hide blue tick

You can also hide your blue tick from the other users, in this case, as they send you a message and you read it, but it can not show them that you can read the message, so you can secretly read the messages.

Multiple Language Support in YoWhatsApp

  • English
  • Português
  • French
  • Español
  • Türkçe
  • Indonesia
  • Русский
  • عربي
  • हिन्दी

Yo WhatsApp vs WhatsApp

FeaturesYo WhatsAppWhatsApp
🕵️ Hide online status
✈️ Airplane mode
📥 Status download
🎨 Add custom font/stickers
📷 Media sharingMaximum 250 MBsMaximum 15 MBS
📏 Status character lengthMaximum 255Maximum 139
🎭 Themes supported
🔕 DND Mode
🕰️ Freeze last seen
📩 Auto Reply
🚫 Disable forwarded tags
☎️ Disable customize calling
🚫 Anti-delete message
🚫 Anti-delete status
⏩ Increase forward limitsMaximum 25010
📤 Increase image sharingMaximum 10030
🔒 Security lock
🎨 Fully customized

Why Download Yo WhatsApp GB?

There are some limitations of features in the Messenger WhatsApp, Some people are satisfied with it, but others want the featured and theme-based Application for those Yo WhatsApp GB is suitable. In this Application, you can send long videos to your friends quickly, and the photos are limited. In Messenger, you can send only 30 at once, but the Application enables you to send 100 pictures simultaneously. Moreover, you can download the status without asking your friend to send you that status.  

In this unique version, you can set a theme available in the App; you can also set some privacy features like your blue tick from others, you can hide your last seen, you also see deleted messages & status, can turn off calling, change the icon of thApplicationon, creating groups, and many more that increase your communication level. 

How to Use WhatsApp Yo App?

Like WhatsApp has a structure or theme, YoWhatsAPP APK has the same structure. WhatsApp for guidelines to use the app, you have to follow the given steps:

  • After completing the downloading and installation process, you have to open it. 
  • On the bar first is the Airplane, through which you can turn off or on the date of the Application. 
  • The theme button is used to turn into the dark or light mode, and the last one is the search button through which you can search for any contact. 
  • In the settings of thApplicationon has a lot of options like privacy settings, backup, auto-reply, new group, restart Yo WA Mod, and many more for the setting of WhatsApp app 
  • You can set your username, add about, and status
  • You can chat with your friends and family via voice calls and video calls

How to Download and Install YoWhatsApp APK?

To enjoy the beneficial features of this Application and start the amazing journey with Yo WhatsApp, you have to follow the following steps: 

  • Goto Yo WA official website
  • Search the download button on the website and then click on that download button.
  • After that, you can locate downloaded files in your device download folder.
  • First of all, enable the unknown resources in your device privacy setting
  • Then, install the downloaded file.
  • The Application will appear on your mobile screen as the installation completes.
  • Then open the Application, agree on the condition, and allow the camera & sim card to access contacts.

As you can use this Application daily, you have to remember one thing: check the updates of the Application after some time to get more features. 

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Update YoWhatsApp to the Latest Version

First of all, when you download YoWhatsApp APK, you have to confirm that the file of the app is the latest version, and you also need to update the Yo WhatsApp when the developers add new updates for more features:

  • Before updating Yo WhatsAppp, you must back up your chats if you want to save them; for that purpose, you must visit the Application’s settings
  • Then, choose the chat option; you can see the backup chats in this option
  • Click on the backup option; now you are done. 
  • For updating, go back to settings now and click on the help option
  • You can get the app info and write the version of the Application that it shows on your screen 
  • It takes some time to check your version number and the installation option launches 
  • If your Application needs to be updated, click on the installation option
  • It starts downloading the latest launch version of the Application 
  • Then install the file from your download file 
  • Then, an open option appears; you have to click on it, and your Application opens

Now, you can see the latest updates and added features in the Application, which gives you a better communication platform. 

Why Do I Need to Update Yo WhatsApp GB?

You can Update Yo WhatsApp GB by downloading a new version from our website. After updating, you can get more attractive and effective features that are not available in the older version of the Application; it will give a better communication experience. In the updated version, you can get a new thumbnail that gives the pictures or video, it can fix the bugs, it translates the language, which you can use in very fast mode, and you can experience many new themes. All these features are available in the latest version, so you must update it. 

How to Backup Data to Yo WA WhatsApp?

Backup data  is asked question by the users how they can recover their data; if you are too want to recover your data, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Open your Yo WA and click on the three dots that are present at the top of the right corner 
  • You can see many options through which you have to move downward to the chat setting 
  • Here, you can get chat backup and then click on it 
  • The green option appears as the backup. Click on that 
  • Now the backup process starts, which needs the file manager for access to internal storage 
  • Now can successfully back up your data.

How to Recover WhatsApp Yo Data?

If you want to recover your data in Yo WhatsApp but do not know, and people think that it is the toughest to recover their data, we will tell you some steps through which you can easily recover your data: 

  • First, open your WhatsApp and the settings option to recover your data application
  • Here are a lot of options. You have to choose the restore option and click on it 
  • The restore process takes time as it depends upon the volume of the data 
  • After completing the recovery process, you successfully recover the data

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data to Yo WhatsApp APK?

If a user changes their mobile and wants to move their WhatsApp data but thinks it is a most difficult process of the YoWhatsApp App, here we will tell you how you can transfer data from  WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp APK by simply following the following steps:

  • First, you have to recover data or backup data into your current mobile phone
  • Please open the file manager of your mobile phone for the WhatsApp data that you have recently backup which is labeled as  WhatsApp. You have to change it to Yo WA WhatsApp
  • You have to rename the subfolder of that file from Audio  WhatsApp to Audio Yo WhatsApp APK
  • Now, you must connect a data cable to your PC and select the rename file to move into your computer data
  • Download the WhatsApp from Google Play Store and then install it
  • Sign in to the Application and then again, through the data cable, transfer data from your PC to your mobile phone
  • After that, you can get your WhatsApp data as Yo  WhatsApp data

Is it Safe to Use Yo Wa WhatsApp?

Yes, it is safe to use the YoWhatsApp app. We did some security checks and found that our Yo WhatsApp is secured. Still, first of all, you must ensure that the Application you want to download is from the official website of Yo WA APK because if you download it through a fake website, it causes some security issues and may result in the leakage of personal information. So you have to download it from the official website; moreover, when you download an application, you have to Enable Unknown Resources; they all protect your device from any security issue or leakage of information, and the result is that YoWA pro is safe to use.     

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How to Change Theme on YoWhatsApp GB?

After completing all the downloading, installing, and backup or recovery processes, the main thing is the theme of the Application, which makes it more attractive; here we will guide you on how you can change the theme on YoWhatsApp GB by the following steps:

  • First of all, go into the settings of the Application
  • Then click on the wallpaper or theme or the Application
  • A collection of themes will appear there
  • You must select the theme you want to set in your Application
  • Then the done option will appear. You have to click on that
  • Well done! You can successfully change your app theme

Top Extensions

There are two basic extensions of the YoWhatsApp GB:

YoWhatsApp Plus 

It is not a specific application, but the Extension of Yo WhatsApp GB has more features than the other communication applications. Many people love to use this application due to its more attractive features. This Extension covers all the features of this app, which can give you a better communication experience. If you want to learn about the additional features of this Extension, you have to download it from the official website.  

YoWhatsApp Rosa 

Regarding the name of this Extension, which is red or pink, this Extension is the pink-themed version of the Yo WA, and in this application, you will experience many pink features, or they are charming and attractive tools. The most beautiful thing about this application is that it is based on the rose and pink color, which includes many collections of themes and wallpapers that are changed every month automatically and never repeated. If you want to download this charming application, complete with wallpapers and themes of rose or pink color, then you have to visit the application’s official website

How to Install YoWhatsApp Without Losing Old Chats?

If you want to change your WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp APK but you do not want to lose your older chats, then you have to follow the given steps:

  • First, open your WhatsApp backup or recover your data by following the steps in this article above
  • As the backup is completed, move toward your device’s settings and select the App option, there are a lot of applications on your device that appear, so You have to select WhatsApp and uninstall it
  • Rename your backup or recovery file into YoWhatsApp
  • Install your Yo WA WhatsApp, and after installation, open the Application and restore the chats
  • Then, you will get your older chats into the new WhatsApp Yo Mod.

You can Also Download Gold WhatsApp APK and GB WhatsApp Gold.

Download YoWhatsApp APK on PC

Are you looking for YoWhatsApp APK for the PC version? Then you have to follow the given steps for downloading it:

  • First of all, you have to open Chrome on your PC and then search Bluestack for PC 
  • This blue stack for PC helps to download the applications that are not downloaded on the PC 
  • After the completion of Bluestack for PC, You have to install it 
  • As the installation process is completed, it shows the application of Bluestack on your Desktop 
  • You have to search for the application that you want as the Yo WhatsApp on our site. 
  • Download the YoWhatsApp APK then drag and drop the APK file into Bluestack.
  • Open YoWhatsApp APK and enjoy.

Download YoWhatsApp on MAC 

You can download YoWhatsApp APK on your Mac by using this method, which has simple steps to download it: 

  • As for PC, Nox Player is also available on Mac OS 
  • You have first to download the Nox Player 
  • After completing the download, you have to install it 
  • And then you will get this application on your Desktop
  • Search Yo WhatsApp from our website.
  • Then download and install it 
  • Open YoWhatsApp and enjoy.

Pros and Cons of YoWhatsApp APK

                                Pros                                     Cons 
Anti-ban Themed based Many style of font Anti deleted messages Send long videos Lock personal chats Variety of emojisMultiple languages Security issues Not available on the Google Play Store Leakage of personal information No web access 

System Requirements

YoWhatsApp APK is the is a third party app, so it needs to require a specific system through which it can easily run:

  • It requires a minimum operating system in which Android 5.1+ and Android capacity 4.1 suit this Application
  • Installing APK means the application file requires activating unknown resources in your device setting
  • It requires space of about 76.1 MBs or less than 2 GB, so your Android devices must have storage of more than 1 because, after download, the app requires memory space for the updating process
  • For the v10.9 version of this Application, you have to update your device at a time.
  • Internet connection 
📱 OS CompatibilityAndroid 5.1+
🚀 ProcessorQuad-core processors
💾 RAMMinimum 2GB
📂 Storage 100MB+ free space
🌐 Internet ConnectionStable connection
🔒 PermissionsStorage Access

What’s New

In the latest version of YoWhatsApp, users can experience a lot more features that can improve their chatting skills and give you a better experience:

  • In the latest version, new thumbnails are introduced for the photos or videos, and they can not be saved into mobile phone storage or gallery
  • User can reupload their status 
  • As you set your language then, it will give you the fastest translation during the chat
  • Bugs fixes


Yes, WhatsApp is safe to use, and the downloading method is secure.

Ans: It can decrease the quality of the pictures or videos while sending them through Yo WhatsApp. 

Yes, Yo WhatsApp is not a paid application, so you do not need any type of payment to use this Application, and you can download it from the original website. 

First, the Application was developed by Yousef Al-Basha. Later, they stopped developing it. Fouad Mokdad recently handled the Application, so they updated it as required.

People are possessive about their privacy then want to hide their online status, so Yo WhatsApp has the following Steps:

  • Open Yo WhatsApp on your device or mobile
  • Go to the settings option of the Yo WhatsApp 
  • Then select the privacy setting, where you can see many options
  • Select the Last Seen & online option
  • It would help if you chose the last option for hiding your Last Seen in thApplicationon

Yes, You can download the old version of Yo WhatsApp, but in the old versions, you can get limited features, for the more features you have experienced, the latest version. 

Yo WhatsApp is presenting the Original WA, which introduces a unique blend of features and a calling & chatting experience. 

Some people want to hide their blue tick in the chat, so you can easily hide by following the given steps:

  • Open the Application on your device 
  • Go to the settings option for more options 
  • Select the privacy setting of the Application 
  • Select the blue tick option 
  • Enable the blue tick 
  • So successfully you can hide your blue tick

YO WA stands for Yo WhatsApp, an instant chatting & Application with unlimited features.


In this global world, connection between people has become easier due to mobile phones, and calling applications like YoWhatsApp APK make it easier as you do not need any recharge in your phone; only the wifi connection can make you call smoothly; it makes a click away from your loved ones. In this Application, you can use more features than the original WA, which gives you a better experience.

You can also hide your last seen by selecting some contacts or every, and you can hide your blue tick from your contact; you can update as the developers launch the updates. You can add a status of more than 30 seconds and send long videos in your chats that are limited in the normal WA.