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June 3, 2024

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Are you not satisfied with the typical features of Official WhatsApp and want to upgrade to a new version? If yes, then you are at the right place. Black Gold WhatsApp apk is a more advanced version of the popular Whatsapp messaging application. This Mod of Whatsapp not only allows its users to use various typical features of the classical interface but also introduces several additional features that aim to enhance your personalization and convenience. With its unique characteristics, the user will get a tailored messaging experience. It basically provides the user complete control over their messaging application. Through this article, you will get to explore the importance and benefits of the Black WhatsApp apk. 

What is black gold WhatsApp apk?

Black WhatsApp Gold apk is an exceptional modified version of Whatsapp. The users are usually not satisfied with the original Whatsapp features as it does not give them total control over the application. The features are not advanced enough for them. Black Gold WhatsApp apk is a similar yet more advanced application to the original WhatsApp. It lets you customize and personalize the interface with its powerful features by giving you total control over the application. It has heightened the level of customization in all the messaging platforms. 

It supports a powerful compatibility with all the versions of Android devices. Black Gold WhatsApp apk has added an array of advanced features other than the standard WhatsApp features. That includes advanced privacy settings, Automatic message response, Support for multiple accounts, Hide conversations, a Unique customization interface, a wide range of wallpapers and themes, and so much more. Nowadays, everyone needs a time-saving and reliable application that facilitates them efficiently. Its interface customization is just a cherry on top.

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Key Features

Black Gold WhatsApp apk is used by millions of users around the world and this popularity is only due to its several interesting features. This Whatsapp mod’s advanced and unique features are the ones that give it an edge over its competitors. Here are the following features that make this application one of a kind:

Supports multiple accounts

Users want to use multiple accounts on the same application to keep their professional and casual accounts separate. Now they do not have to worry about having several WhatsApp accounts and numbers on the same account. They can easily manage multiple accounts within a WhatsApp Black Gold

Automatic message response

This feature is excellent for all the busy bees out there, they can schedule a message response when they are too busy to respond to the message. You can save a lot of time by scheduling an automatic reply with this amazing feature.

Advanced Privacy options

Black Gold WhatsApp apk has introduced a variety of privacy options for its users.  It is one of the prominent features that provides a user more control over the applications. Here are the following options it offers:

  • It lets you hide contact statuses, group message marks, double message delivery marks, blue message read marks, last seen, and “Online Now” status in the application.
  • It offers more confidential conversations by using fingerprints, patterns, or passwords.
  • You can also hide conversations from the main interface of the application.
  • It lets you block video and audio calls.
  • You can share your status with specific contacts only if you prefer.
  • It lets you read all the deleted messages without the other party’s acknowledgment.

Unique Customize interface

This feature gives you a full command over the interface of the application. You can change its theme, colors, position, looks, and anything you want without affecting the phone’s actual interface.

An array of themes and Wallpapers

Black Gold WhatsApp apk offers a huge database of wallpapers and themes from which you can choose your favorite one and apply it on the application.

Specific Icons for the notification

Black Gold WA offers a visually distinct experience to all its users. You will receive separate notifications for every different kind of notification. This facilitates the user in identifying and differentiating messages more fast and easily. You can set the option according to what suits you the best.

Send multiple media at once

Unlike the original Whatsapp application, here you can send multiple media like photos, videos, and document files at once. It will be sent with the same high-quality resolution. Not only this, but it also supports various file formats to provide access to messages more efficiently.

Diverse app icons

It offers inclusive and unique app icons that include the soccer team crests to add an interesting touch. This diversity allows the users to express their affiliations through the application’s visual interface. 

No advertisements

Black Gold WhatsApp apk is a free application with no advertisement in it. Now you can enjoy working on your messaging application without any interruptions.

Airplane mode

It is an underrated yet the most effective feature of the Black Gold Whatsapp apk. With airplane mode, you can turn off the internet for the application only without disturbing the internet of the device overall. When you have to work on the device, it lets you focus on the task without any disturbance from the clutter of messages.

How to use the WhatsApp black?

Firstly, download and install WhatsApp Black from the method given below, it will be worth nothing as it is free. Open the application, and click on the three dots from the top of the screen to get access to the main menu of Whatsapp settings. From there select the settings option and there will be drop drop-down menu of all the options from which you can control the application. You need to follow the developer for any updates and resolve any issues you may encounter while using the application.

After that, you will see the privacy and security category that will give you the ability to control the last appearance on the application and much more. You can personalize its themes and wallpapers with unlimited customization options.

How to Download black gold WhatsApp apk

Some users find it difficult to download the Black Gold WhatsApp apk: so here is the download link given below:

📱 App NameBlack Gold WhatsApp APK
🎮 GenreCommunication
🛠️ DeveloperAbu Arab
🖥️ PlatformAndroid
📅 UpdatedJune 3, 2024
🔄 Latest Versionv36.25(Official Version)
💾 Size78.8 MB
⬇️ Downloads100K+
💲 PriceFree

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How to Install black gold WhatsApp apk

Here are the following steps to install the application:

  • Download WhatsApp Black APK.
  • Click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • If you are installing apk file the first time then it will ask you to turn on installation from unknown sources.
  • Allow unknown sources.
  • After the application is installed completely, click on it and enter your number, follow the instructions accordingly, and there your account is ready to use. 

You can also download Gold WhatsApp from our website.

Why is WhatsApp black different from others?

WhatsApp Black apk is an incredible application that not only meets your needs but also provides full freedom to control the application as you desire. Here are the things that make some applications popular and different from others:

  • You can send automated responses to other users. 
  • You can share media files, such as images and videos, in high-quality resolutions.
  • You can send media files of images, videos, and documents as many as you like at once. 
  • It offers a variety of customization options in fonts and text styles.
  •  You can hide blue marks and the online status option
  • It offers to repost or reshare contacts’ statuses. 
  • It also has airplane mode and the ability to disconnect the internet from WhatsApp.

How to download the black gOLD WhatsApp on PC/windows

To download Black Gold WhatsApp apk on PC. The only thing you should have is the Android emulator on your PC. You can download Blustacks or MemuPlay as they are the best Android emulator out there. After downloading it just follow the steps mentioned above under the heading of ‘how to download the Black Gold WhatsApp’.

How to Update the Black Gold WhatsApp apk?

Here are the following steps to update the application:

  • Firstly. Save the conversations in an initial copy, as when you update the latest version you may lose your important data. 
  • Now make sure you are connected to a cloud or internet with good and stable bandwidth.  Download the latest version from our website/article. Make sure the application is the latest and has apk format.
  • After downloading the latest version of the application, install it and save your copy of safe data by making sure it’s the same data you have downloaded.
  • Run the application one or two to make sure it’s working fine. Some devices have settings in which the latest version gets downloaded automatically or pops up in the notifications. 

Black Gold WhatsApp APK alternatives 

Her is the list of Black Gold WA alternatives:

After checking all these mods I found that WA Black Gold is the best WhatsApp Mod. You can download and install it on your android without any errors. Bookmark our website for getting future updates instantly.

Is it safe to use the black gold WhatsApp apk?

Black Gold WhatsApp apk is a mod Whatsapp therefore developed by a third party, not by the official Whatsapp developers. It’s important to consider any possible risks when using WhatsApp Black GB. Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp developers do not support this WhatsApp mod, exposing it to malware and other security issues. You put contacts, private discussions, and a lot more in danger. 

Also, using this application puts your Whatsapp account at potential risk because it breaches the official Whatsapp terms of service. Since Whatsapp does not support any third-party or moderator apps, this could immediately lead to a ban on your account.

System Requirements

Black Gold WhatsApp apk has the latest version of 36.00 which requires an Android version of 4.0 or later. It requires less file storage of 78.8 MBs to be downloaded. A stable internet is also required for the proper functioning of the application just ensure that your device is connected to a sufficient bandwidth of the internet.

What’s New v36.25

Here are the new additions to the application:

  • You can now hide that you have watched others’ story
  • The stickers you sent can be removed immediately
  • Advanced settings introduced in the influencer chat box
  •  Automatic reply functionality
  • Bugs are fixed to enhance the performance and stability of the application
  • The complete application can run in dark mode, which maximizes the user experience

Pros and Cons


  • A new level of customization of the interface
  • Advanced additional features to the traditional application of WhatsApp
  • A versatile application with a user-friendly interface
  • An array of themes and wallpapers
  • Powerful privacy options
  • Incredible compatibility with Android devices


  • It is not available on the Play Store.
  • It may pose a security risk as it is a Mod
  • Your number may be temporarily banned.
  • You can miss out on the support and updates from official WhatsApp.


Yes, you can easily download and install Black Gold WhatsApp for PC with the help of an Android emulator. You can also follow the easy download procedure written above.

Yes, you can use and manage multiple accounts within the application without worrying about different phone numbers.


Overall, Black Gold WhatsApp apk is an excellent messaging application that provides a new level of advanced features and customization to its interface. It has gained a lot of fame reputation because of the control it provides to its users, especially with their privacy options. Download Black Gold WhatsApp apk and unleash the new exciting experience in the world of messaging.