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June 2, 2024

Download WhatsApp Gold for iPhone and enjoy new features to enhance your experience with extended privacy and an elegant look. This is the best WhatsApp Mod.

Zoom, Skype, and some other similar apps occupy a good amount of space and use CPU and memory resources that it becomes almost impossible to operate on your iOS. WhatsApp is a lightweight application that quickly helps communication and data transmission. But can a customized version of the app be installed on iOS which helps in managing chats, groups, and communities more effectively?

Gold WhatsApp for iPhone can be installed on any iPhone device with simple steps. The app provides a list of features e.g. sending bulk information, hiding identity and last-seen traces, and customization of different aspects of the app. I will cover the prominent features of the app, along with the complete installation procedure of WhatsApp Gold IPA on your iOS device in this article. You can also download the GB WhatsApp Gold from our website.

Features of WhatsApp Gold for iPhone

Most people use iPhones solely for security and some consideration for better performance. WhatsApp Gold IPA ensures both. Here is a quick list of features that the WhatsApp Gold for iPhone will provide on your iOS device:

Privacy of Data

  • Bluetick will not become visible to others.
  • Typing and sending statuses are not visible to others.
  • The status of last seen can be fixed to a permanent value.
  • Reading messages that are sent to you but deleted once sent.
  • Activate DND mode to disconnect yourself from all types of communication that may come from WhatsApp.

Efficient Chat Features

  • Language translation of the chat in a single click.
  • Don’t show forward message which is usually shown with the app.
  • Schedule a message-sending time and send auto-replies.


Sending and receiving high-quality videos without any distortion of videos. Open the media which has been sent as view once type.


WhatsApp Gold for iPhone adds some new themes, sticky notes, and emojis that attract people and make them feel better using the app than the original app.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Gold for iPhone?

After the successful rollout of the app for Android users, it has made a solution for iOS users. But an important thing to be noted by all iOS users is that the WhatsApp Gold for iPhone works on iOS 14 and the latest version. If you are using any old version, then upgrade your iOS device to at least iOS 14 to use the features of the app. Here is a complete download and installation procedure:

  • Download the WhatsApp Gold IPA from the download button available on our site.
  • Go to manage profiles sections of your iOS device by using the settings category.
  • Select approval of documentation from the available option.
  • Wait for a short while! The app will be installed on your iOS device.

By following this step by step guide you will be able to Download WhatsApp Gold for iPhone latest version 2024. You can also download Gold WhatsApp for Android from our website.

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The app isn’t available on Apple’s AppStore to date. So, you need to download it from any trusted site to ensure sure safety of your data.

At a time, you can use a single app from both. It’s your choice to install your desired app on your iOS device.

Both terms are the same and are used interchangeably.

Take a backup of your chat regularly on your Google Drive. If you lose your data, install the said app and provide your Drive’s path during installation. It will recover your data immediately.


Gold WhatsApp for iPhone is among the leading variants of WhatsApp due to numerous factors mainly handling chats better, ensuring privacy and safety, advanced locks, and above all customization options. Fortunately, you can install the app on your iOS device easily. Enjoy using the app on your iPhone with maximum advanced level data transmission features.

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